How to Act at a Craps Table: Things to Remember


Craps etiquette can be challenging for new players, but if you read this, you’ll feel more than ready to join a table and act like a seasoned gambler. To know how to act when playing craps, you must know what you should and shouldn’t do. If you play craps online, only a few of these rules will apply.


When to Start Playing Craps

Most tables will like it if you join them between rolls. You can bet when the other players are betting, but waiting until someone else shoots is better. It’s short, sometimes less than a couple of minutes. Of course, you also need to know how to shoot dice in an online craps.


You can join a table in the middle of a roll.

You don’t have to wait at a live online craps table, and if there are multiple dealers or croupiers, they can take bets in the middle of a roll. It only works in modern casinos like those in Las Vegas. In high-end casinos with only one dealer, you will have to wait until the next shooter is ready.


How to Tip Your Dealer at Craps

When you win a bet or when you’re done playing, it’s common to give a tip to the croupier. At some casinos, you can also bet for the staff or the croupier. If you plan to return to the table, it’s acceptable to tip at the end, but if you’re new, it’s better to do it as you play. Never, ever give a tip in cash, only in chips. In the end, throw your chips in the middle of the table and say, “For the dealer.” Do the same thing after you collect your winning chips, but keep the dealer from keeping any.


Dealers can’t take the cash that is given to them.

It is a rule for safety in casinos. Don’t give cash tips to the croupiers; don’t hand them cash and tell them to make a particular bet. At some craps tables, you can bet with cash, but getting chips is better. Most of the time, there is more than one chip counter, and even if there is a line, it is still worth trading your cash for chips. It will make the workers feel better and make the pit boss’s job easier. Craps rules say that if you’re exchanging cash at the table, you should put the money on the table when a new game or shooter starts.



As a Tip, Bet on

You will make a “two-way” bet when you can bet as a tip. It means that you are responsible for half of the bet and the staff or croupier is responsible for the other half. A two-way tip only pays out if the bet wins, but it’s a fun way to talk to the croupier.


Always give casino servers a tip.

It seems obvious, but some people still have trouble with it. If you don’t give tips to the wait staff, the croupier may treat you differently. When they bring you a drink, please give them a tip in chips or cash. If you need more money to tip in a casino, your time there will be less fun socially.


Learn when to bet and when to buy in.

Craps rules say that you shouldn’t play specific bets on the table if you don’t know how to play them. Read some articles about how to play each bet, or go with someone who knows how to play and can show you. Asking the dealer or other players how to play stops the game, and most tables don’t like it when people do that. The croupier can show you if there are few people at the table and it’s a slow day. See our section on how to tip in craps.


Betting Mid Roll and Betting Etiquette

You might be asked to leave if you bother the dealer while someone else is shooting. Wait to place a bet after putting your chips on the table. Talk to the croupier and tell them what bet you want to make by putting or sliding the number of chips down in front of you. If a player is deaf or has a soft voice, they can use hand signals that the croupiers can understand. You can make some of your bets.