Three Winning Methods to Improve Your Sports Betting Profits


You’ve probably placed a wager on your favorite basketball, hockey, or football team at some point. But how can you predict who will win with any certainty? It’s easy to make money if you can predict who will win with high accuracy.

Let’s face facts, you do this because you want more money. It is easy to believe that you are more accurate than the bookies in predicting winners, but how often do you actually prove this?

These 3 strategies could give you an edge when you bet on your favorite sport. If you use these options correctly, it can mean the difference between a profitable bet and one that is lost. daftar sbobet

Asian Handicap

This is an important addition to your betting strategies. There are three possible outcomes in any sports event: win, lose, or draw. It’s possible to reduce the number to 2 by using an Asian handicap.

Let’s say we are watching a football game. The bookmaker might quote a handicap line in which team A has a 1.5 goal headstart and team B has a handicap of -1.5. We can’t achieve 0.5 goals so there are only 2 outcomes. The handicap is taken into consideration.

You think that team A will win. As long as they win, draw, or lose less than one goal, they are considered victorious. They had a 1.5 goal lead. If you believe team A will win, they must overcome their handicap of 1.5 goals. They must win by at least 2 goals.

If handicaps are equal, such as basketball, where a team may be given a start of 20 points, stakes will generally be returned if the game ends in a draw. It is a good idea to contact your local bookmaker. You may not win in this instance, but you won’t lose.


It is the act of buying and selling for profit in order to take advantage of different prices in different markets. This is the ultimate in sports betting. You can bet on who wins the match and still make a profit.

This was difficult because it required you to follow a variety of market prices simultaneously. This is much easier with the internet. We can quickly compare prices because bookmakers have varying opinions about the outcome of sports events and they also advertise their prices on their websites.

We can make money by backing both teams at the same bookmaker if we find a situation in which bookmaker A offers a lower price for one player/team and bookmaker B offers a higher price for the opponent.

Bet on Running

The odds you see on the field may be different from what the bookies are predicting for a match or other sporting event. You could bet on the outcome of each match if you knew how it would unfold. You can with “betting on the run”!

As the action unfolds, many bookmakers will change the odds of the event. You can place a wager at these “new” odds. If team A wins, then the odds of that team winning will decrease and, subsequently, the odds of team C winning will increase. These longer odds allow you to place a wager at better odds if you believe that team A will win. The bookmaker’s website will usually tell you which events are “in running”.

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